5 Best LG Refrigerator Features

LG is stepping up their game, and people are certainly taking notice. Their latest refrigerator models have received numerous awards, including Reviewed.com Editor’s Choice, CES 2016 Innovation Award, and the 2016 Red Dot design award. What are these new LG refrigerator features that are causing so much buzz? Well, here they are!

best LG refrigerator features

New LG Refrigerator Features

  • InstaView™ Door-in-Door®: This new exciting feature increases both convenience to you and the refrigerator’s performance. Giving the door a couple of quick knocks will illuminate to show you what’s inside! No longer is there a need to look for food with the door open, reducing cold air loss and increasing freshness. Check out LG’s video below highlighting the new feature:
  • Auto Open Door™: Got your hands full of food you’re trying to put in the fridge? No problem. Tap your foot on the “Door Open” light projection below the door to activate a sensor that will gently open the door for you.
  • Custom Chill™ Pantry: This wide and spacious pantry drawer has been designed to store whatever food items you need to. There’s a wide range of drawer temperature settings to attain optimum freshness for produce, meats, and much more.
  • Slim SpacePlus® Ice System: In an effort to maximize refrigerator capacity, LG designed this slim ice maker. Its sleek design allows for more shelf space and door bins. Talk about getting bang for your buck!
best LG refrigerator features

Slim SpacePlus® Ice System

  • Smart Cooling® System: This state-of-the-art cooling system is designed to sustain superior conditions within the refrigerator. Its linear compressor immediately reacts to temperature fluctuations in order to keep your food fresh longer. Also, it utilizes strategically-placed vents in every section to surround your food with cool air no matter where it’s placed.

With these kinds of features, it’s no mystery as to why LG is considered one of the leaders in the appliance industry. When in need of a new refrigerator, we recommend you begin your search with LG! 

Used Appliances

3 Reasons To Buy Used Appliances

When you’re in need of replacing a broken or inefficient appliance, it’s natural to wonder “are used appliances worth it?” Our answer is an enthusiastic “YES”! Here are three great reasons to consider buying used for your next appliance…

Are Used Appliances Worth It?

#1: Save Money

While this is the most obvious reason, it shouldn’t be understated. The savings when buying a used appliance over a new one are very significant. You can easily save 50-70% off of the listing price of new appliances and sometimes more! This makes used appliances an ideal option for families on a fixed budget, college students, rental homes, or anyone who is interested in saving a significant amount of money.

#2: Many Used Appliances Are “Like New”

There is often a perception that used appliances are worn down and on the verge of falling apart, but when bought from a reputable dealer, that’s not the case. In fact, many fully refurbished appliances can easily be mistaken for new! You don’t have to sacrifice quality when it comes to buying used. A properly refurbished appliance should last you for many years to come.

#3: Save Landfills

This reason shouldn’t be overlooked. If we don’t maximize the life our appliances, we unnecessarily burden our landfills. When our landfills are overfilled, they cause pollution to land and water. Buying used appliances is a great thing we can do to help our environment.

Look For A Warranty!

While it’s clear we think used appliances are a great option, it comes with a word of caution. Don’t buy it from a private party on a “for sale” site like Craigslist. When the appliance hasn’t been professionally refurbished, you don’t know for sure what you’re getting. Buying from a reputable dealer that offers a warranty on their appliances is highly recommended. This way you know it has been properly refurbished and that they stand behind their work.

When searching for a trusted used appliance dealer in the Medford or Grants Pass, OR, look no further than Just-in Time Appliance!

are used appliances worth it just-in time appliance

How To Load A Washing Machine

Are you having trouble getting your washing machine to properly clean your clothing? You’re not alone! Many people report problems with the washer not cleaning clothes properly. What if we told you the problem may not be the washer?

The first step to achieving clean laundry is knowing how to properly load a washing machine. Here’s exactly how to load your washer for an optimal clean:

How To Load A Washing Machine

  • how to load a washing machineTake some precautions. Check the pockets for any contents, zip up zippers, tie drawstrings, and unbutton all buttons. This helps negate the risk of any part of the clothing getting caught or broken off. Also, turn any dark clothing inside out if you wish to lessen any fading of color.
  • Load in the correct order. For most machines, the best order is detergent first, laundry second, and then turn on the water. If you’re adding any bleach or fabric softener, do that before the laundry and water as well. Doing it in this order will help prevent excess sudsing and damage to sensitive fabrics caused by highly concentrated detergents.
  • Pay careful attention to the amount of detergent. Don’t add more detergent to the load than is required.  If you’ve ever noticed a mildew smell coming from your washer, this is likely why. The excess sudsing can cause bacteria to grow in your machine’s drum! It also can hurt the effectiveness of the rinse cycle. When filling your detergent cup, be sure that you don’t exceed the line for large loads and use less than that for smaller loads. 
  • Load laundry properly. The instructions for this vary slightly depending on whether you have a top load or front load washer (LG top load and LG front load washers pictured above).For a top load, evenly load the clothes around the center agitator.For a front load, it’s recommended that you put clothes items in one-by-one, as to help prevent tangling.For either type of washer, it’s best not to fill your washer more than three-quarters full.

Following all of these steps will help get your clothes cleaner and keep your washer from noisily shifting around (due to being off balance).

Who Repairs Appliances in Medford, OR?

Uh oh. Your appliance just started making a suspicious noise. Or it has stopped working altogether! You want to get it fixed as soon as possible. But who repairs appliances in Medford, Or? The answer is simple: We do!

Don’t fret about your broken appliance. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for prompt service of your appliance in Medford, OR.

LG Steam Washers

LG vs. Electrolux Front Load Washers

Buying a new washer and dryer can be a real headache, especially when you’re looking for something that can keep up with the demand of your busy lifestyle. Both LG and Electrolux manufacture really great washing machines in the “large capacity” category. However, each brand has options that may suit your needs better than the other.

how to decide on a refrigerator

How to Decide on a Refrigerator

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, there are many great brands to consider. From affordable options by Maytag, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and GE to high-end options by Electrolux, LG, and Sub-Zero, shopping around can get a bit confusing. Since the life of a refrigerator can be as long as 15-20 years, it’s important to love the product that you purchase. Here’s how to decide on a refrigerator that will work best for you.



Does the thought of Thanksgiving have you down?

Here at Just-in Time Appliance Repair, we want to give back to one family in need in the Rogue Valley.

Thanksgiving is coming up quick and we know there is a family out there that won’t enjoy a great Thanksgiving feast due to their old, beat up, and broken down stove. We want to help! We are donating a reconditioned 30inch freestanding glass top electric stove to a family in desperate need of a different stove to cook their Thanksgiving dinner on.

5 best lg home appliances

5 Best LG Appliance Innovations

LG is known as a trailblazer in electronics, from industrial LED display technology to consumer electronics, to mobile, and even in terms of household appliances. In fact, LG racked up over 20 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Awards for 2016 alone. Among its award-winning innovations are the 4-Door French Door Refrigerator, TWIN Wash™ Front Load Washer/Dryer Pair and Sidekick™ pedestal washer, and the LG Styler, a clothing management system that promises to “refresh clothes without detergents,” as well as to “provide an ideal solution for clothes that require special care.”

These innovations alone may already make you sit up and take notice, but, in the parlance of a late-night infomercial: “Wait, there’s more.”

Used Appliance

Did You Know We Carry Used Appliances?

Looking for a used appliance in Grants Pass or Medford? Come by and check out our huge selection of reconditioned appliances.

We find high-quality used appliances and refurbish them like new!  Don’t buy a used appliance from a private party on Craigslist that’s going to cost you hundreds in repair bills.

All of our refurbished appliances are tested with a fully comprehensive diagnosis, so you can rest assured that you’re buying a high-quality machine that will last for years to come. Plus, most of our used appliances come with a full 6-month warranty (that’s only 6 months less than the warranty offered when you buy a brand new appliance!).