We Give The 5 Star Service you Deserve!!!

5 stars

Excellent service! We brought our newborn baby home and popped a lasagna in the oven that someone made for us and we smelled gas the moment the oven turned on! Called them up and Stephanie scheduled us right away and Justin was at our house the next morning fixing our oven. He was there when he said he would be which was wonderful with our brand new baby! We really appreciate their prompt service and Just-In Time will always have our business.


Justin knew exactly what the problem was when we called him about the front loader washer not draining. He showed up with part in hand in a reasonable time, did a quick diagnostic to confirm his suspicion and replaced the part. He seems to be extremely knowledgeable in his field, his quality of work is superb and he communicates well with his customers. Highly recommended for appliance repair. We will certainly use him again if needed.


So here's the deal...my 2 year old dishwasher stopped working mid cycle. Looked like it wasn't getting any power. Checked the fuses and the outlet, nothing wrong there. Drained the dishwasher, flipped it over, nothing wrong there either. Called SEARS (where I bought it from) got some guy from Thailand who said they wouldn't be able to get out here for 9 days!!!! REALLY!!!
Then I thought of T&N. Called them, they gave me Justin's number.....Just-in Time. Stephanie answered the phone, asked me for the model #, and said Justin could be there tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!! So Justin shows up, when he was supposed to. I tell him the story and what I did...he checks out the machine...says it might be the thermal overload....takes it out, checks it with his meter....Sure enough....that's the problem. But instead of waiting a week to get the part. Justin says..."I fixed one like this a while back...same exact dishwasher with the same problem....my wife Stephanie had already ordered the part....it's out in the truck!"
I never get this lucky. So long story short, Justin puts the new part back in,secures it in place, checks it out to make sure nothing else is messed up, and puts everything back the way he found it. Magnificent! Justin and Stephanie, Thank You. You are at the top of my list for appliance repair.