Back to School Refrigerator Organization Guide


One of the busiest times of year is in the fall when everyone heads back to school. Eating patterns change, meals require more planning, and kids have packed lunches to make each day. Knowing key back to school refrigerator organization strategies helps take the stress out of getting kids ready and out the door each morning.

Top 5 Back to School Refrigerator Organization Hacks

Follow these steps to make your back to school life a little easier.

Step #1: Clean Refrigerator

Our first back to school refrigerator organization tip may be the least fun. Although this may sound like a daunting task, it will be the best thing you do for yourself to start the school year. Starting with a clean refrigerator will feel great! You’ll be able to throw out expired and spoiled foods lurking in the darkness of your fridge, as well as take inventory of what you have and what you still need.

Start by removing items off the shelves, one shelf at a time, and clean with a safe cleaner, such as Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner. Next, line the shelves with either Press-and-Seal wrap, or a cheap table mat you can find at the Dollar Store or anywhere else- this will allow you to clean up spills easily later. Last, set aside the items that will be going back into the refrigerator, and throw away anything expired, spoiled, or just too yucky to bother keeping!

Step #2: Create Zones

One of the most creative back to school refrigerator organization techniques is creating zones. We can help children become more self-sufficient and teach them healthy food choices, training them how to choose their own snacks at appropriate times. Creating zones within your refrigerator will assist you in this process, as well as help other family members know where to access things easily. Examples include:

  • Snack Zone- Turn your deli drawer into a Snack Zone, complete with items such as cheese sticks, yogurt, apple slices, and lunch meats.
  • Ready to Eat- If you have two crisper drawers, Use one for washed-and-ready fruits and vegetables the family may use for lunches and snacking, and the other for storage of bulk or remaining items not yet available for eating.
  • Beverages- Designate a space just for drinks, and if those include cans, invest in a beverage dispenser to save space and keep things organized and tidy.

Step #3: Organize into Bins

Pick up some inexpensive bins or baskets and put like items together, such as apples, snack bags, or bread products. This will keep like items contained and easy to pull out for quick access. This may be one of the best refrigerator organization hacks you implement!

It’s also helpful to add extra dividers into your crisper or deli drawers. This helps to compartmentalize and organize your foods by type, freshness, or any other way you might find useful.

Step #4: Label Bins

Labeling bins can be done simply with some tape and a Sharpie. Some bins even have a space to place a label, making it even easier. Labeling your refrigerator bins will cut down on the food hunt and let family members go right to what they’re searching for. Bins are great for organizing your freezer, too!

Step #5: Prep Lunches in Advance

Still feeling rushed in the morning? Start preparing lunches in advance. This is a great habit to teach the children, and a great habits for adults as well. Prepping lunch items should begin on the weekend. If you buy in bulk, wash, prep, and place snack foods into snack bags or small lunch containers so they’re ready for the week. Put those ready-to-go snacks into the corresponding bin or snack zone you’ve created.

You can even prep sandwiches and salads ahead of time! By toasting the sandwich bread, your sandwiches can be made a day or two in advance without getting soggy. Salads can be easily made in advance using a mason jar or other storage container- simply place dressing on the bottom or in a separate container and store the two together. Preparing lunches as a family can be a fun new part of the evening routine, and the next morning will be more peaceful than ever!


Step #6: Add a Lazy Susan

Another handy refriherator organization hack it to add a lazy Susan to your refrigerator shelves. They’re perfect for arranging your condiments or other items and allowing for easy access. All it takes is a quick spin to find whatever you need in seconds! This helps to cut down on food waste by making sure you can see and use every item you’ve purchsed.

We know that refrigerator organization is a key necessity for any busy household. Having your refrigerator run properly and efficiently will help keep your food fresh and prevent spoilage. If your refrigerator needs to be serviced or repaired, Just-in Time Appliance Repair will make sure your efforts have not been in vain. Call us today!

Justin Duby

Justin Duby

Justin Duby, a Grants Pass native, opened Just-in Time Appliance Repair in 2014 after working with his grandparents in the appliance repair business for almost 10 years. Just attends various training programs throughout the year to keeps his skills sharp.

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